Making Money Online

Making Money Online. How do you go from making zero to £5,000 a month? I'll let you know when I manage it!

I have plans involving some traditional web design and development with my Added Zen business, adding affiliate marketing and adverts to this site and a few others I'll be launching soon. Some sites will aim to be comprehensive authority sites that you visit regularly, while others will be niche sites designed to rank well for some specific terms that I can monetise. I'm probably going to try some Amazon FBA products and I've even got plans for an e-commerce site and a novel down the line.

Will all of these work? Probably not, but I'll learn, adapt, improve and add some new ideas as I go.

Join me on the journey as I Target 5000 and make money online.

Latest Update

1st Day of 101 day challenge

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Here we are, after my first failed attempt at getting something going online (see here) didn't get going, I am relaunching my Target 5000 plan with a 101 day challenge.

Today is all about claiming your brand and securing my projects on a few key resources.

What else have I done today?: 

Outside of my 1st day tasks on the 101 day challenge I have been creating some opportunities for my Added Zen proje