101 day challenge - a better life!

I'm aiming to really get something done this time.....

I'm starting a 101 day challenge on August 2nd 2016. On my first set of posts here at Target 5000 I started with the best intentions, as we all do, but time and motivation eluded me.

This time, I'm really, really, going to do it.

I've made some small progress with my plans to earn £5,000 a month, and I now have a few ongoing clients that earn me around £400 a month. Not quite the dream number but it's a start. I now want to push this forward and hit the target I set for myself in September 2015.

So I'm starting a 101 day challenge.....

.......during which I aim to post an update at least weekly. I'd rather hit a post daily, but I don't want to spend time posting updates and not actually getting things done to move closer to my target.

I've chosen 101 days because it means that if I start tomorrow, August 2nd 2016, I'll finish on November 11th. This is a very important day for me personally, and I want to use this date as a real driver for me to push myself.

I'm planning to set up some informational websites that I can monetize through affiliate links and adverts, I'll be keeping the topics under wraps for the beginning but as time goes I'll post some links on here so you can keep track of my progress.

There's not a great deal more to say right now, so I'll leave with a short quote from Matilda the musical that I heard while out with my family and it really resonated with me;

Just because you find that life's not fair, it
Doesn't mean that you just have to grin and bear it.
If you always take it on the chin and wear it,
You might as well be saying you think that it's OK.
And that's not right.
And if it's not right, you have to put it right.
But nobody else is gonna put it right for me.
Nobody but me is gonna change my story.