Day 10 - Don't stop me now

What's my motivation? 

I'm finding myself spend a lot of time thinking what I should do and very little time actually doing it. I'm sure I'm not the only one but I can't let this continue otherwise my target of £5,000 will remain a dim and distant dream.

Here's a quick reminder for myself and the reason I'm doing this for everyone else;


I HATE my boss, really, really hate my boss. Now I could sit around and feel sorry for myself, look for another boss, or just try and ignore him and everything he does to annoy me (like breathing). Instead I'm going to make myself the boss - except we all know it's my wife who'll really still be the boss. I've done it before and struggled by, but 3 years ago I'd had enough of the struggle and sold my business to my current boss in return for a steady job and some shares in the bigger company.

I was promised the earth, bonuses, holidays, working from home, a team of people to support what I do and guess didn't happen.

I spent 2 and a half years doing 5 peoples jobs, working all hours in an office that takes an hour to drive to. I miss school events with my kids, putting them to bed, relaxed evenings with my wife and I decided to put a stop to it. After a long and hard meeting with my boss, he agreed that it couldn't go on and we now have the other 4 team members we needed. Sounds good except for the fact that we needed 4 experienced people and we got 4 "graduates". I put that in commas as I don't know what they graduated in unless there's a degree in updating facebook and sending whatsapp messages.

So now three years after stopping my own business, I'm getting started again and it feels good when I'm doing something.

So why am I not doing more of it?

I think the answer is that because I'm so exhausted after a day in a job I hate that the thought of getting anything done after hours or at the weekend is so unappealing when all I want is to spend quality time with the family and then curl up and sleep.

So for all the reasons above, I vow to make this happen and I hope you enjoy the journey with me.


What else have I done today?: 

Still planning what to do with this making money online plan, I think over the next few weeks I'll share the ideas I have for generating revenue on the web and expand on a few of them to cover why I think they're a good idea. I've written down about 30 ideas for articles and I'm going to put a brief overview of some of them and get you to vote on your preferred subjects. After all the reason this site exists is to help you.  

The responsive sharing buttons are fixed! A quick run of the update.php file and everything was there, ridiculously responsive they are too.

As it's a Sunday, I've been with the family again. Reminding myself why I'm doing this, so that I can spend more time with them everyday.