Day 13 - A picture tells a thousand words - images

The key to earning money online

It's often said that a picture tells a thousand words, and that's one of the reasons why images are important on a website.

Other reasons images are important;

  • Your pages look better, which means your readers will stay on the page longer
  • Your pictures can appear in search results, make sure you use good descriptive alt tags
  • You can do some nice things with images in teasers, similar content sections, slideshows, twitter, facebook etc
  • You can get away with some shorter posts because, as already said, an image allows you to "say" a lot more without words.

Unfortunately, until now, I haven't been putting images on my updates. Why not? Because I struggle to think what to include that suits the topic and doesn't look odd.

Now the good news, free images

I've found a handy resource though which could help. where you can get a small picture for free, as long as you give attribution to both the website and the author. The image on this page is by Stuart Miles and I chose it because I thought it symbolises unlocking ways to make money which is what this site is all about.

I hope you agree that it balances the page and will make your reading experience a little more enjoyable.


What else have I done today?: 

In the run up to Christmas, I've been looking for presents for my 2 boys. It looks like the first Harry Potter is being released in an illustrated version. 

This is quite appropriate given that my update today is about images. My eldest son is 8 and he tried to read The Philosophers Stone, but gave up as there weren't any pictures. This new edition could be just what he's looking for.

I've come up with yet another idea for a money making website, and decided that I'm going to cover off the 5 ways to make money online in a separate article, so keep your eyes open for that in the next few weeks.