Day 2 - Not a get rich quick scheme

So, the morning after the night before.

Yesterday I made a start. So far I've made a grand total of.........Zero! In fact it's worse than that because I've spent money buying domain names, setting up hosting and buying some notebooks to record my ideas when I'm out and about.

However, I'm really positive as I've finally started something for me. I'm not doing this as a get rich quick scheme (it's not even a get rich slowly scheme) I see it as a "get comfortable in the near future scheme " catchy phrase isn't it I may have to trademark that.

Yesterday I set up the site, as I've said elsewhere on Target 5000 I do have a bit of experience in building web sites which gives me an advantage over others that want to make money online because I don't need to pay someone else to do the setting up. If you do need to get someone else to do it for you then please head over to one of my other projects Added Zen and get in touch as I will be happy to give you a quote on setting up something for you.

If you do want to do it yourself, most guides will suggest you use wordpress. I don't use wordpress, mainly because for the websites I build day to day it's not really the best fit. Instead I use Drupal, it's similar to wordpress in that it's free, has a great community of users to support you and there's lots of extras you can add to improve the functionality for the vistors. There's also lots of themes you can install and quickly get your website looking great and working well on both desktop and mobile devices. A quick plug here for the theme I'm using which is the Zymphonies Metro Responsive theme. Although in my day job I can spend days, weeks and even months crafting a refining unique themes for custom use cases to some of the UK's largest organisations, I decided that for this project getting started was more important than spending ages working on creating something when I can grab a free theme from the community. I may change the theme on this website later, but for now I'm happy with what I've chosen.

Later this week I plan on adding some google ads to this site, I'm not 100% sure what I need to do to get this up and running but once I've done it I'll be writing about it as a step by step guide which I hope you'll enjoy and share.

Tip of the Day: Think, Plan, Do

What else have I done today?: 

Today, I have added some modules to this Drupal site which make certain things easier to do, like listing all the latest posts on the updates page, this is a simple task when you use the views module which is easily the most useful module available (personal opinion only, but as I use Drupal everyday I'd like to think it's an informed opinion)

Then on a personal matter I quickly wrapped presents ready for my Wife's birthday tomorrow. I'm hopeful that next year I'll be able to treat my Wife to a little more than a bottle of perfume and a couple of books, but only time will tell.