Day 4 - If only I'd known that

So, today is Sunday and after taking the day off yesterday because it was my Wife's birthday I thought today I'd sign up to AdSense.

First of all why AdSense? If you don't know what AdSense is, it's the adverts that Google provides on websites all over the world. The adverts are either related to the website serving them or based on the readers browser history. There also one of the many ways that people all over the world use to make money online and were my first plan to add some monetization techniques to this website.

So while my two sons were running around a soft play centre I decided to look into what I'd actually need to do, thinking I could apply and then start showing some ads on here straight away, which while I didn't expect to bring in much money I thought I'd be able to write about how the process actually works. Well, before I applied I thought I'd read up on the process and found an article describing the 12 things to do before applying and having read through it I still need to do an awful lot before I apply! You can read the article by Ammar Ali here

The tips for why sites are rejected by AdSense and what I'm going to do for each:

  1. Insufficient content / Unacceptable site content - Simple, I'll keep adding these updates and other articles to the site
  2. Page Type/Design - Not too much needed here, but I will tweak the design and colour scheme on this site to get it a little nicer to read
  3. No Privacy Policy, About or Contact Page - Simple, I'll add these. I was always going to add an about page anyway, I've even got the link set up on the homepage just pointing to nowhere at the moment
  4. Site does not comply with Google Policies - OK so what are the Google policies? Don't know yet so that's number one on the to do list. They seem to relate to having lots of quality content and not breaking any laws. With a bit of time I'll get these sorted.

So this research today means I'll probably not be applying for a Google AdSense account straightaway, and I'll wait until I have 50 updates and/or I've been working for 6 months. In the mean time I'll be looking for other ways to monetize this site and the others I'm launching soon.

Tip of the Day: Get started as I could have already done enough to get AdSense set up if I'd started when I first thought about doing something 12 months ago.

What else have I done today?: 

I've spent the day with my family, including the time at the soft play centre as mentioned in the main body of this post.

While we were out we called into a local park and did a little Geocaching. If you've never heard of it before, it's a bit like an online treasure hunt where you can view the location of hidden caches on an app and when you find them you add your name to the log. I'm massively under selling it, but it did give me another idea for building a future niche site. I'll research ways to make some money from the idea and then add it to the development list.