Day 5 - Why 500 is an important number

A bit more research, and another new discovery. OK I probably knew this already but still some of you may not so here it is;

There's a lot opf people out there saying that in order for content to be considered useful and search worthy it needs to be at least 500 words long. Having checked my other updates I seemed to be averaging around 440 words so a bit of work is needed. I added a word counter to my CMS admin pages in order to keep an eye on how I'm doing which will help going forward.

What this also means is that I've decided to modify my earlier updates to increase the word count towards the magic 500 and I've added another part to my daily blogs which is "what else have I done today". Any Miranda or M People fans will probably be singing now "What have you done today to make you feel proud", and I'm certainly doing that as I write Just me then.

Changing and adding to the previous content has meant that I've decided to change the URL structure and page titles to keep them relevant. Fortunately I haven't got much traffic to the site yet or had any page 1 search results but if I had changing these things would be a big deal. Imagine if I'd had a post go viral, bring in a ton of traffic and then when I change the URL all those links end up at an error page. Luckily, there's a module that can help with that. The redirect module allows you to log all the old URLs and redirect them to the right place. It's still not the best idea to go updating URLs all the time but at least this way you don't end up with loads of 404 error messages. You can download and add the module to your Drupal site here

Tomorrow I plan on following up the alternatives to AdSense I found yesterday, adding some social sharing options and looking at my XML sitemaps.

Tip of the day: Plan ahead, changing things in the early days is easy but down the line can cause big problems.

What else have I done today?: 

It's been a busy day in my day job. I launched an online platform with an NHS trust allowing their employees to login, view and interact with their benefits. It was a nice sunny day, which was lucky as I was outside for 3 hours waiting for the staff to come and see me for a chat. There were at least 250 people that logged on today, which is about 5% of their total employees.

I'd like to do more of this kind of work when I'm fully working for myself, so if you have any ideas for a membership based site I'd love to help via my Added Zen project